by In My Heart Records



IMH 003 Change Of Ideas / Weight Of The World Split

Change of Ideas from Florida delivers 2 fast melodic songs and 1 Kid Dynamite cover. Weight Of The World from Vermont comes with 2 agressive but at the same time melodic songs. Artwork by Bill Hauser.


released September 14, 2009


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Track Name: Change Of Ideas - Land Of The Free?
you talk a lot about democracy
but you only show us you are a piece of dirt
you are a dictator and we all can see
the lies you tell to make your way
I'm just worried about what you can do
with all this power you won't let us through
In this nightmare I don't wanna live

You put us down
for raising our voice
You don't want to see us to speak for ourself
rules to control based on fear
how can we say we are free
you are a dictator and we all can see
the lies you tell to make your way
in this nightmare i don't wanna live

Don't be afraid to stand for yourself
Living like this is like being in hell
You can't control us, this is our lives
I won't belive in your lies
This time I will make it count

You say You will make our lives better
with lies and tricks You want our trust
but when we don't agree with your ideas
You make us live our lives with fear
you are a dictator and we all can see
the lies you tell to make your way
in this nightmare i don't wanna live
Track Name: Change Of Ideas - Every Single Day
The sound makes me smile, only like this I will survive because the nightmare of living life WITHOUT
enjoying what we have is simply not what I want. Without you is not the same. I thought you will be next to me.
this time I'm sulking thinking about the time WE SPENT TOGETHER!. Remember that summer at the beach? when our problems
were gone. I'm asking myself now will we be happy someday?
I'm missing the way you understand me, how you used to laugh. My records are there.
They are the only ones that help me cope everyday. I'm not sad anymore 'cause the sound is what makes me smile.
Why is this still on? Oh please just turn it off? Cause I can't stand to watch her face on the TV set.
All I want it's to be safe in this place
I see her face everywhere, Am I going insane? or maybe I'm just tired that she let me down so many times that I don't
even care anymore. No worries,NO WORRIES! the pain will go away.
Track Name: Change Of Ideas - Table 19 (Kid Dynamite)
Kid dynamite
Track Name: Weight Of The World - Rocket Strikes Against Humanity
Rocket Strikes Against Humanity
Wordly problems rising every day. Another mind brainwashed by the corporate policies. Another
innocent life is taken in protecting an innocent mind. Where the fuck are our priorities? They
seem like they just hate each other. What the fuck is wrong with this piece of shit race?
Over 700 children have been killed in a fight for land. Rockets just keep on striking the
shelters. Just like the rockets striking our minds. They strike and they strike. Until we all
Track Name: Weight Of The World - Dark Days
Dark Days
What was once love, is now lost in time. I gave it all, only to find myself tripping over my
insecurities. Now I've lost myself and I'm down on my fucking knees. It's getting darker every
day. Our stories are over, but I can't break away. My grudges keep coming back to haunt me.
Your face comes into my dreams. It's not slipping away; I have to keep them out. This heatr splits
in two. I must break away.