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    Melodic Youth Crew stalwarts Change of Ideas emerge from America's fallace with their first full-length album, "Crossover." The record contains 11 tracks of anthemic youth crew hardcore in the vein of 7 Seconds, early AFI and Kill Your Idols. The record was produced, mixed and mastered by Charles Chaussinaund (No Harm Done, Offsides, Make Or Break and Get Outta Town Records).
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FL's Change Of Ideas is back with their first full length, bringing 11 tracks of melodic youth-crew.


released May 21, 2010


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In My Heart Records Florida

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Track Name: Ghost
Once Again
I hear the voices in my head
They warned me about all these people
That are pretending to be my friends.
I have to get away from this place.

My Memories are fading away but I still remember the ones that helped me through
The voices keep screaming at me "trust no one"

I will keep it together
like the way it was before
I will keep it together

All the people that I know They are not the same
They have changed.
I'm like a ghost, confused and wondering around in this place I don't belong

this is the time when my life changes for the best
I'll do my part and I won't let myself down.
Track Name: Imaginary World
Imaginary world
They want us to believe

Its all we get, It's all we want
watching the tv screen we forget about reality.
We idolize made up people we've never met before.
we wanna know everything about their lives and
we take it to the heart

In this imaginary world
they want us to believe

the media fabricates shallow and selfish people.
They want them skinny and dumb to reach for the sky
They can't use their brain or their heart.
the media sell them to us as the perfect image and
following every step in their lives is everything we want.

We won't believe their life.
Track Name: Enough
Tears and pain, he doesn't treat like you deserve
don't believe what he says he will never change.
Your eyes are open but you don't see the truth.
This is your life and you have to take control

Think of all the pain he put you through, is this what you really want?
Despite of all the things you've done for him, he gave you another black eye.
Keep your pride, Stand Tall! walk out that door

You gave him your heart
You gave him your soul
the love is gone now the nightmare begins

Stand tall!

No trust, No love
please open your eyes
can't you see the truth?
take the blindfold off of your eyes
Track Name: Who's Here To Save You?
I've been here next to you all this time.
I'm here to help you.
Track Name: Next To You
I've never seen you like this before. You used to be so strong. Doing whatever it takes to stand for what you believe. Now everything has changed and your fire is gone. All the problems in your life dragged you down. So remember my words because they're coming from my heart. I will be here next to you until the end because this is what friends do. Nothing else matters to me than just to help you grow.
You don't want people around you. Now your passion is gone. I will be here next to you and I won't let you fall. Put your head up.
Don't look at the ground. I'm here for you.
Track Name: 10-4
You think you're tough. You think you're the best. Hurting all the kids in the pit makes you feel great. You're here once again and you ruin our fun. Your macho bullshit someday has to end. If we work together we can make the change. You're standing outside, you drink with your friends. We are playing our hearts out and you don't give a shit. This is my life, not just a trend. It's not about your hair or the clothes that you wear. We wanna have fun, you just wanna fight. You think with your fist instead of your head
We're in this together. It's up to us to make the change.
Track Name: In Our Hands (Battery)
Music and Lyrics by Battery
Track Name: And The Story Continues
I can't imagine my life without you. It just wouldn't be the same. Don't worry about anything I will protect you from this cruel world. And have always present my love for you that will never change. And all I want it's to be with you and I won't let you go. I can't imagine my life without you it just wouldn't be the same.
Track Name: Retrospective Image Of My Life
I'm looking at my hands, they're not as strong as they used to be. My life is passing by so quickly, I'm not a kid anymore. No more regrets, it's time for me to take control of my life. Living in a strange place, no familiar faces around. Looking for a place to feel safe, I just wanna be safe. Working from dawn till dusk. Not a single friend to talk. Is this how life should be? just working to pay the bills. So many things have changed in my life. I will never feel the same again. Why is life so hard to live? I know that I have more to give. Walking down the streets I remember those days. How immature i was, how naive i was. I remember those days, hanging out with my friends. The gatherings with my family. Now I'm here with nobody next to me. I left everything on the past because I was looking for the American dream.
Track Name: Crossover
The bitter taste of betrayal. Dirt is all I see in my life. Vultures swirling around me trying to slow me down. Waiting for me to give up. I won't give up in this fight. My eyes are burning with rage. My heart is heavy because of your betrayal. Welcome to my life.
I'm sick and tired of your lies. You say you're sorry for everything you put me through. ONE MORE TIME! The beautiful sound is keeping me away from the shadows of the past but something deep inside doesn't let me Forget. The beautiful sound. Your beautiful smile. Help me to get away.
Track Name: Pensando En Ti
Do you still think of me? I think about you everyday. It's been 8 years since the last time that I saw you but your face is still clear in my mind.
I remember the days you walked with me, the nights you stayed up late waiting for me just to make sure I was safe.
Miles away from each other but I hope you know you are always on my mind. Away from you but not for too long because soon I will be with you. Thank you for everything you taught me, I am this person because of you. Esto es por ti. Pensando en ti.